On a (Blog)Roll

Lately I've been getting back into the routine of reading my favorite blogs thanks to the genius of Bloglovin. In the past, I kept a blogroll on my computer and each week I would click on the links of the blogs I read and read all of their posts for that week. Looking back on that, I totally laugh. Little did I know, Bloglovin was so organized and easy to use that I could easily read posts from people I adore every day.
The blogs I'm currently reading are ones I've been following for a while now. Occasionally, I will read a blog or two that I discover on Pinterest or Instagram but, without further ado, here are my main favorites.

  1. The College Prepster- By far my number one blog, I love Carly's advice and I've loved following along with her blogging journey from the beginning (The College Prepster was the first blog I ever discovered and that is what inspired me to make one of my own).
  2. Design Darling- I love reading Mackenzie's blog for endless outfit, travel and, of course, design inspiration.
  3. Sailing the Sea of Style- Phenomenal photography, great style and witty writing- what more could one need?
  4. Evergreen and Ivy- I'm always so inspired by Bess Pearson's lifestyle, her honest blogging is so refreshing.
  5. Caitlin Cawley- Major props to this fab blogger for amazing photo skills, a sleek site design and over a million Pinterest followers, this is one quality blog.
  6. Natalie Catalina- Another sleek site with amazing taste.
  7. The Chriselle Factor- I'm in love with Chriselle Lim's chic life and style blog (not to mention her awesome Youtube channel).
  8. Barefoot Blonde- I just discovered Barefoot Blonde after re-joining the Insta-world and I've loved reading it as well as looking at the great pics.
  9. With Love From Kat- Three words: the best style.
Thats about it (as of lately). What blogs are you reading? I love discovering new ones.

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