Thoughts and Things: Winter

Wow, two posts in one day? This snow day is really working to my advantage. More snowstorms are headed our way and I have spent the afternoon by the window watching it rapidly fall down- basically, it's bliss. 
All of this sitting around surrounded by the cold has inspired me to kick off a new blog series: Thoughts and Things. Overall, it's a series where I share my thoughts on specific topics and today the focus is all things winter. 
So, Winter hasn't really been on my mind a lot lately. As a matter of fact, last week temperatures were at 70 degrees and I thought that was the end of it. I couldn't have been more wrong. Yesterday afternoon we got word at school that snow was on the way and sure enough huge snowflakes were pouring from the sky... for about an hour. A little disappointed, we all went on with our day. By about 5:30 when my friends and I were all leaving school, temperatures dropped low but we all left with no hope. I went home and as I started studying for the evening, I couldn't help but check the weather. Then, excitement set in. Snow until 7am tomorrow? There was no way school was still on. What do you know? We got the call the next morning.

Now how great does that sound? I guess you could say winter is not over yet. One thing that always gets me through it is a good soundtrack. I've been listening to Spotify nonstop this week and I have come to realize it is an amazing mood booster (I'll do a little post on that another time). Speaking of things I couldn't live without during these cold months,  my Lululemon Vinyasa scarf- it is probably the best purchase I have made this whole season. It converts from a scarf to a hoodie to a jacket to a wrap to a blanket in a few button snaps. If you haven't seen the video of it, look it up, you'll be totally sold. 

That's about all I have so far. If your snowed in too, enjoy your time off and stay warm!
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