Playing Catch-Up

Bonjour everyone! Sorry for the little break this past week and a half or so. February has already been a whirlwind of a month and it's only getting crazier! I thought that now would be a perfect time for a much-needed update.

So far this month, I've taken a step back from technology overall. With some fun times ahead, I really needed to step back and get a little more caught up. Now that it's the weekend, I'm taking a bit of time to relax (hence, browsing through endless coffee table books like the ones I found above at Anthropologie). 

I've also been spending a ton of time at the mall lately looking for some nicer attire for an upcoming event. What's really caught my eye? LBDs (little black dresses), gold jewelry, and high quality shoes. If you have any recommendations for clothes to wear on a dressed up night out, let me know!
That's all for now. I'll be back tomorrow sharing some important goals I have for February as well as some things I've been loving lately. Au revoir!

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