January: The Month of Social

As a part of my New Year, New Me state of mind right now, I decided to give each month in 2016 a title based off of my New Years goals. Each month I'll be practicing each new goal while putting emphasis on a specific one. I feel like it'll really help me stay on track with my goals this year! I got this idea from Carly, The College Prepster, whose advice I really love to read when I'm looking for some motivation. Without further ado, January's goal.

I love being social and during the month of January, I really want to emphasize it. Towards the end of holiday break when everyone was done preparing for Christmas, I got together with a lot more friends and I realized I hadn't seen some of them in forever. It felt so nice to catch up and hang out. That is why this month I really want to make a bigger effort to make time to see both old and new friends. December was such a crazy month that going out to dinner and sitting down to chat just didn't seem like a good idea. This January, I am so excited to get back together with the people I love and make some great memories. 

The weather is saying there is a chance of snow tomorrow morning and I couldn't be more excited. It's beginning to feel a little more like winter!

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