FYI: J.Crew Sale on Sale

If you know me well enough, you'd know that I'm an avid shopper. Typically, I don't shop by sale. Instead I find things I like and compare prices once it comes down to making a decision. Plus, in the past I have found that shopping a sale usually means sifting through rejected and unwanted styles. However, I have found that at this time of year stores are clearing out all of the items I was dying for back in December- basically, it is a great time to buy a few things you have wanted for a while. 

So far, my favorite sales to shop have been from J.Crew and it's slightly edgier little sister, Madewell. Once again, J.Crew has proved it's power- after receiving the e-mail notifying me about the sale on sale, I had to pick some of my favorites.

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