10 Weekend Must-Dos for Besties

The weekend is practically over but that doesn't mean it's to early to start planning for the next one. In case you always have trouble deciding on plans, here are some ideas to kick off the fun.
1. Take a fitness class together- it can be so motivating and much more fun to have a bud by your side.

2. Try a new restaurant in an area you haven't visited in a while.

3. Make plans with your bestie to meet up with mutual friends and have some group time.

4. Go downtown and explore the city.

5. Shop small for a day- discover new boutiques and show some love to new shops and stores you haven't been to.

6. Go grocery shopping and make a meal together.

7. Have a relaxing girls night in.

8. Or, get all dressed up and go somewhere super nice.

9. Try a new sport or physical activity (biking around the city has always seemed so fun to me).

10. Plan and throw a party using all of those PInterest DIYS you have been wanting to try.

Hope your feeling a little more inspired. Keep these ideas in mind for a little something to look forward to during the week!

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