Holiday DIY's

I'll admit, the holidays are always such an inspiring time for me. Maybe it's all those creative posts on social media or the yearning to be as festive as possible, whatever it is, I'm constantly looking for new things to make.
Enter, the perfect list of crafts you can easily make to spice up your home or give as gift to a special someone. Feeling a little crafty? These ideas will definitely scratch that itch.

+A Gallery Wall Addition
+Perfectly Styled Presents

+Eucalyptus Garland
+Sure-to-please Mugs
+New Years Desk Calendar
Feeling inspired yet? It would be pretty hard not to. It amazes me how easy it is to make something from scratch that looks store-bought, it just takes concentration and a little willpower. Let me know if you give some of these a try!
Helpful tip:
I strongly recommend making a list on your phone or dedicating a Pinterest board to the projects you want to try (see mine here). Ever since I started keeping track of the things I wanted to make and do, my productivity has skyrocketed.

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