A Girl on the Go

It can be hard shopping for girl on the go right? Never staying in the same place for long, maybe she can't even make it to Christmas dinner, there isn't anything that would strike her fancy. WRONG! Travelers, movers, and all sorts of doers are actually my favorite people to shop for, because to them, anything can be deemed a necessity. All sorts of bags and pouches? Need those. A pair of trusty shoes? Need those. Easy-application makeup? Need that. Here are a few more things she'll definitely want.
1. Hot Pink Zip Folios
2. Hot/Cold Water Bottle
3. Leather Tote
4. Travel Pouches
5. Easy to Wear Flats
6. Planner
Just seeing these items makes me want to pick up my things and travel the world. Do you have any gift ideas worth sharing?

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