A Challenge for Minimalism

With the new year right around the corner, I've been looking for some great ways to start fresh and stay well. One of my favorite options that I have discovered is the 30-Day minimalism challenge. I like this because I feel like it is a really great way to practice a fresh outlook on a new year. It can also feel very freeing to learn to live with a little less. Trust me, I would know. You could say I practice minimalism in little ways throughout my life. For instance, my bedroom. I prefer my desk drawers to be completely empty, my dresser to be totally cleared, etc. When it comes to my room, less is more. It feels good to let things go, get rid of the excess and move on. That is why I highly encourage you to take this challenge, starting in January, I will be too. Follow along!

Want to give it a try? Read over a few of the days, some of them I am super excited for. Best of luck.

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